Water Supply

Our Services

ACS is one of the leading water supply engineering consultancy firms in Malaysia. Our services includes:

  • Water resources studies
  • Water treatment process
  • Raw water quality monitoring and assessment
  • Hydraulic modeling, analysis and design for water distribution system
  • Water treatment plant and raw water intake
  • Treatment plant residual handling
  • Non-revenue water reduction study and management
  • Telemetry and supervisory control and data acquisition system
  • Cost estimation and project planning
  • Site investigation
  • Construction planning and supervision
  • Contract administration
  • Plant's operation and maintenance audit

Our Capabilities

Water means life and no one gets by without it. Cost effectively supplying reliable and suitable quality water to home, industries, village and cities while protecting natural water system, continue to be a challenge for mankind in this century.

For over 41 years ACS has designed and commissioned more than 70 water supply systems that met stringent water quality standard and requirements of regulatory bodies locally and abroad.

Water Treatment

Raw water is so infinitely variable in quality that there is no fixed starting point to the treatment process, and within much narrower limits there is no rigidly fixed finishing point either.

Our experience in water treatment process includes :

  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Incline tube / plate settler
  • Lovo sedimentation
  • Iron and manganese removal
  • Multi layer filter

ACS recognised that there is no one method of purifying water which is universally acceptable. Different country is undergoing different stages of economic development. Available expertise, cost of labour and availability of materials are some of the variables that have to be considered in implementing a water supply project.

ACS has experience in different types of treatment process from conventional plants to modern and automated plants. Understanding the need to have appropriate methods to treat sludge, ACS over the years has been focusing the research in this field. With 41 years of cumulated experience, ACS has developed a wide range of solutions to water supply projects that are technically sound and cost effective.


Pipelines and Pump Stations

Pipelines and pumping stations, and the complex hydraulic requirements and sophisticated control systems associated with them, are designed by ACS engineers to suit individual locations and to meet specific operational, maintenance and monitoring requirements.