Independent Checking Engineers

Our Services

ACS has extensive track record in the Independent Checking Engineer (ICE) services.ACS's experience in ICE services encompasses projects from concept and economic feasibility, due to diligent study through project delivery :

 Our services include:

  • Preliminary review to confirm project feasibility and engineering solutions are appropriate and costs commensurate with the proposed works. 
  • Due diligent assessment to determine the existing condition and economic value of asset.
  • Review detailed design of permanent works to ensure compliance with the Concession Agreement and the Turnkey Contract.
  • Monitoring construction activities, testing and commissioning of installation works.
  • Evaluating progress of construction works
  • Verification of contractor's progress claims.
  • Preparing progress report for submission to lenders from financial institutions and other concerned parties
  • Monitoring and highlighting potential cost and time overrun.