Electrical Engineering

Our Services

ACS Electrical Team has experience and capabilities in studying, auditing, reviewing, designing, constructing supervising and managing electrical system, instrumentation and control automation engineering.

Our team has the expertise in state of the art electrical, instrumentation, control and automation system design.

Our experience:-

  • High voltage (132kV-11kV) system
  • Low voltage system (415-240V)
  • Extra low voltage system
  • Telecommunication system
  • CCTV and card access system
  • Water treatment plant instrumentation and control system
  • Hydropower instrumentation and control system
  • Solar Instrumentation and monitoring system
  • Dam instrumentation and monitoring system
  • Perform power system study, load flow analysis, protection coordination
  • Solar DC/AC system
  • Auditing and reviewing electrical design

Our team has experience in different types of field such as water treatment plant, hydropower, building services, solar plant, dam, factory etc. We believe in our capabilities thus we highly confident to deliver optimal result by understanding the need of each element in the specific project.

At the same time, we ensure that we exceed clients' expectations by providing quality services without compromising the health, safety and all required standards.